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About Higher Ground Women's Health

OB-GYN located in Falmouth, ME

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Why Choose Us

Common concerns raised by my patients based on their previous experiences include

  • Being placed on hold with an automated system, only to find out there was no space in the schedule and you have at least a 3-month wait to see a practitioner, or better yet, suggested by staff to go to urgent care or the ER!
  • Feeling rushed, unheard, dismissed.
  • The cold, sterile environment where you feel like you are only a number or on a conveyor belt of endless patients.
  • Previous traumatic or uncomfortable experience that has kept you coming back for care. You are overdue for screening tests that could affect your future, self-care, and quality of life.
  • Surprise charges, co-pays, and lack of holistic options
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How we are different

  • There is no automated phone system; you will get Dr Parsons on the phone directly or email her.
  • I hold a small patient panel so that WE get to know each other on a personal level. Because of that small panel, I can see YOU if you have an acute issue.
  • I have a warm, safe, non-sterile environment that holds plants, crystals, and visions of trees outside my window, and I even have a skylight in my exam room so you can look at the clouds!! So cool!
  • A visit with me usually involves a cup of tea, laughter (and some tears ). It is ALL WELCOME here. For those who are open,
  • I utilize sound healing, too …… just for you during our time together. It will also help release anxiety and energy that does not serve you.
  • My goal is for you to leave our visit feeling BETTER and MORE alive than when you came. This promotes trust and a desire to share your innermost concerns and fears and become a true partner in your well-being. THIS is how medicine should be.
  • I believe in TRANSPARENT pricing. I make my pricing, what is covered, and different options for being seen on my website. No surprises
  • Oh, did I mention that my visits are usually 1 to 1.5……This also allows me to do deep dives into sensitive subjects such as trauma history, sexual health, hormones, and the gut microbiome. Yes, we go there.
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At Higher Ground Women's Health, we are more than a gynecological practice. We are a doctor's office with an unwavering commitment to our patients and community.