Dr Lisa is the best! I feel so grateful to have found her. I have asthma and acute bronchitis and thanks to Dr.Lisa she has kept me out urgent care at times when my system is vulnerable. Thank you for everything Dr.Lisa!

Lindsay B. Dec 22, 2023

I have never felt so heard and understood by a physician! She took the time I needed, answered my questions, and became a partner in my healthcare. Highly recommend!!

Kristin F. Oct 31, 2023

Dr. Parsons is an amazing doctor - like none I've had before. She is incredibly skilled, but also very compassionate and caring. She listens deeply and is a trusted partner in health. I feel so fortunate to have her on my care team.

Manuela A. Oct 18, 2023

I was going in there for a biopsy that I was totally freaked about and anxiety was high and BP was high, but after I got into her office, she talked to me, asked me questions about hobbies, home life etc to ease me into appt I was about to have, then took my BP and it was a little high but not as much as when i walked in there...then she talked me through the whole procedure and was wonderful about whole thing. she has a great personality and is very kind and I highly recommend her

Jennifer L. Oct 14, 2023

Dr. Lisa is amazing. She is an attentive listener, is super supportive, and provides perspective with her expansive knowledge and her humor. Her blend of western and eastern medicines combined with her spiritual and nature-based healing makes visiting my doctor informative, relaxing, and even therapeutic.

KAREN L. Oct 13, 2023

Dr. Parson’s is wonderful. She makes you feel right at home and tailors to fit your needs. Highly knowledgeable, I trust her with everything!

Rose W. Oct 13, 2023

I really appreciated Dr. Parson's time and pleasant conversation on the phone. I completely agree with the model of her practice. Where I get a bit lost is the cost per month. I understand the why but I struggle to commit to this when I have insurance, as frustrating as it is! My partner is retired and we are trying to figure out how to live with less income.

Ann C. Oct 05, 2023

I am someone who has high anxiety. If I didn’t have Dr. Parsons with what I was going through, I’m not sure I would’ve made it. She is kind, understanding, and very knowledgeable. She makes you feel calm, in a very scary situation. I couldn’t suggest any other Doctor!

Kristina B. Apr 29, 2023

I felt understood and heard. Finally.

Katie L P. Apr 25, 2023